clustalw2 -INFILE=seq.txt -TYPE=Protein -OUTFILE=...">

Pass cmd commands via PHP script

Here is my php code

$command = "C:\Program Files\ClustalW2>clustalw2 -INFILE=seq.txt -TYPE=Protein -OUTFILE=res.aln";


When I run the command using cmd, it generates the file I want. However, when I try to pass the same command through my php code, it doesn't generate any result. How do I fix this problem?


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Could it be because of the character >

in front of the executable name? Alternatively, try single quotes:

$command = 'C:\Program Files\ClustalW2\clustalw2 -INFILE=seq.txt -TYPE=Protein -OUTFILE=res.aln';
exec($command, $output, $retval);




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