Xcode is loading program resources from my home folder, not resources - C ++

This is my first time using Xcode and it is terrible for me how completely non-intuitive this IDE is. I've heard it has been better in the past and I really hope it has.

My problem is the resources my program is loading, the data file and the .ini file, it automatically looks for these files in my home folder. I want it to look for these files in the Resources folder .app. I am using C ++ and all the examples I found are for Objective-C.

Any idea on how to fix this?


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You are probably assuming that when your application starts up, the current working directory of the process is your application package. This is not true. (Nothing to do with Xcode - this is how OS X works.)

Typically you would use NSBundle

(Objective-C) or CFBundle

(C) to find resources in your application. Since you are using C ++ use the C API.

To find the URL for the file "myFile.ini" in the Resources directory in your application:

CFBundleRef mainBundle = CFBundleGetMainBundle();
CFURLRef url = CFBundleCopyResourceURL(mainBundle, CFSTR("myFile"), CFSTR("ini"), NULL);
UInt8 filePath[PATH_MAX];
if (CFURLGetFileSystemRepresentation(url, true, filePath, sizeof(filePath)))
    // use your API of choice to open and read the file at filePath


Or just change CWD to your app bundle:

CFBundleRef mainBundle = CFBundleGetMainBundle();
CFURLRef url = CFBundleCopyBundleURL(mainBundle);
UInt8 bundlePath[PATH_MAX];
if (CFURLGetFileSystemRepresentation(url, true, bundlePath, sizeof(bundlePath)))
    if (chdir((const char*)bundlePath) == 0)
        // now the CWD is your app bundle, and you can use relative path names to access files inside it




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