W3C Throttling DTD / XSD requests; is there a list of mirrors or files?

The W3C started submitting requests for XSD / DTD files, adding so many minutes of delay to the request:


I want to be able to mirror the standards specifications locally so that users don't have to wait for a server response. However, I am struggling to find a list of files for the W3C standards.

Does anyone know for example a list or has some way to create it, or knows about a W3C mirror site?



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The best answers to your questions are: A blog post related to the URI you are citing.

Options available to users of XML software (as opposed to developers) include:

  • running local caching proxy
  • keeping a local copy of DTD files, creating an OASIS XML catalog for them, and using XML processors that support catalogs
  • complaints about the vendors of commercial XML software you use if they don't support directories
  • helping to modify any open source XML software you use to maintain directories


Use the OpenKomodo Github repo to grab the most common DTDs, then link to a local copy, not a dependent third party.



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