How to export SSRS 2011 CRM reports as SQL query reports and not fetchXML reports?

When I download a report from CRM 2011, all requests are exported in XML format. I know this is for online CRM support. But our deployment is local and there is no need for messy XML fetch requests. Is there a way to load reports so that the queries are in SQL?



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When loading reports from CRM 2011, all queries are not necessarily exported as fetchXML - only if these queries were originally recorded in a fetch will they be exported as a fetch.

For example, download rdl for the built in report account - it contains:

set @sql = '
SELECT top 10 CAST(accountid as nvarchar(100)) as AccountID, 
FROM (' + @CRM_FilteredAccount + ') as fa'



You can convert fetchXML to SQL with linqpad Linq2CRM extention or without any third party tools just install SQL trace and fetch to capture SQL.

EDIT: It was also mentioned that FetchXML reports might perform better in CRM due to security concerns. So if dirty is your only problem, perhaps the potential performance outweighs that?



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