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I am currently developing an application that will have a regular web interface as well as a RESTful API that will be used mainly for mobile phone applications. I'm using the Rails OAuth-plugin here, so my API supports OAuth 1 and 2. This all works so far.

The only problem I ran into was API testing. I found some tools I can use to make requests to my API, like RESTConsole for Chrome or RESTed , and they can all test OAuth, but they don't provide an API that I can use as a callback service . When I register an OAuth client in my application, I have to enter some fake callback url, go through the authorization process, and then get the OAuth token from the database and manually insert it into the console. Especially when checking for revocation of tokens, it gets pretty harsh.

Does anyone know of any test clients that can fully automate the testing process? This means the test validation includes some calling endpoint that I can use as the callback url for my application ...

Thanks for your help in advance. I've been doing internet searches for a long time now and this is my last resort before I start developing my own.

I'm going to accept John's answer, although I'm not very happy with the solution ... Whoever is interested, I'm going to ditch my own test client. If anyone is interested:


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Apigee offers a free API that supports a large number of authorization schemes including OAuth 1. Not sure if it supports 2- but you can definitely define a callback in your service.



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