Using alphanumeric mode to encode a URL in a QR code?

I need to collect the QR code for my url as little as possible - it's short enough to use the shorteners (and I don't want to be dependent on their reliability).


The 8 bit byte mode is too empty and I can reach Version 2 there, but Version 1 is in alphanumeric mode.

  • Is there a way to set the alphanumeric mode to use only lowercase letters instead of uppercase?
  • Could the use of uppercase in the url cause a problem in any browser / platform? (I tested it in Firefox, IE, but I'm afraid this is only an internal case conversion.)


I did not directly mention that my address is just a subdomain and a domain name that is case insensitive, as per example

Addresses of this type without page names can be written in uppercase and use alphanumeric mode (version 1 = 25 characters versus 17 characters in 8-bit byte mode at L level)

I have found different recommendations regarding the minimum size of a single dot from 0.4 mm to 0.76 mm. I need a 16x16mm QR code and version 1 (21x21) exactly matches the top level of the recommendation.


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(Other than that: version 1 is actually harder to read in some cases than version 2 because it lacks the alignment pattern. I wouldn't be afraid to use version 2.)

Set alphanumeric mode, which instrument? Possibly possible, but depends on your instrument.

Alphanumeric mode only encodes upper case.

URLs are case sensitive, so no, you can't generally use an uppercase URL. It has nothing to do with the browser.



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