Failed to configure TFS reporting service configuration

I have SQL Server with Reporting Service installed on the data-tier server [Reporting Service is up and running] and TFS on the Application Server.

now i am trying to set up reporting service on TFs2010 using admin console

Warehouse tab Green label

Analysis tab Green Label

The Reports tab has an error The server you specified was not found or is not available. Specify another server.


  • The urls in the report tab for the WebService and Report Manager are correct because I can access them through the browser using the tfsreport credentials.

  • I turned off the firewall and still no luck.

  • I tried to install reporting service at the application level and connect it to datatype with no luck yet

Can you help guys.



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Try to see how to set up the reporting service in the TFS Installation and Configuration Guide

Try to watch this post



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