PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic link library \ xampp \ php \ e xt \ php_pgsql.dll

I am trying to create a zend framework, but when I build a project via command line, the following warning comes up: PHP warning Warning: PHP startup: unable to load dynamic link library \ xampp \ php \ e x \ php_pgsql.dll Please help me and give me what Is there a solution?


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In my case, my XAMPP was installed in the following path:



And also when I try to run the following command in CMD,

any_drive_and_path_here>php phpFile.php


He gave me error warnings like above over 15+ !!!
(And I had to follow these steps to resolve for each of the warning messages.)
Then I searched Google. And I got the idea, no matter what exactly those modules will be loaded, just because the corresponding line for each module in the php.ini file has not been commented out (removing the semicolon ";" at the beginning of each line for each corresponding module in php.ini file).
And also as the msg error reported, I checked if the extension dll file exists in

xampp\php\ext directory.


(these extensions were there.)

Then I read the php.ini file instructions which are at the top of this file! :) He gave instructions to change the path in each extension including strings.

Summary and To-Do:

In this case, referring to this warning:
If your XAMPP is installed in the following path "C: \ xampp \" , find and change the following line (lines if you have more warnings than this)

From: extension=php_pgsql.dll
To:   extension=C:\xampp\php\ext\php_pgsql.dll


And then when you start CMD and try to execute php command php.ini knows exactly where your extension.dll file is located! :)

Don't forget to read the php.ini file instructions at the top! :) Hope this answer helped you everyone using Windows! (These steps worked on Win 8, I suppose it works on other older versions too) :)

Thanks for taking the time to read the answer !!! Regards



An php.ini

extension is loading somewhere in yours php_pgsql.dll

. But it cannot be loaded.

Look at the type lines extension=php_pgsql.dll

in yours php.ini

, then remove it.

But if you work then you need to fix the DLL or find an alternative extension that works!



You can modify your php.ini file to include php_pgsqlsql.dll



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