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I want to write a program that shows a visual animation of a satellite's orbit in 3D space with the rotation of the Earth. I can write code that shows a visualization of the orbit (just comet3 ()). You can also rotate the 3D Earth model. But I cannot combine these two programs. I have seen several Youtube videos like "Orbital Orbit Analysis and Simulation (in MATLAB)". How did he do it?

Is there any special stackexchange site for Matlab questions?


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You can see a demo of how to draw the Earth in 3D or 2D here:

Topography of the Earth

To rotate an object like a surface, you can use the ROTATE function . For example:

rotate(hsurf, [0 0 1], 20) #% rotates surface with handle hsurf around z axis by 20 deg


Also see Orbit Toolkit (ODTBX) .

And yeh, the best MATLAB SE site is here on SO. Just add or search...

UPDATE: Another beautiful piece of Earth at FileExchange:



Let's consider a graphical interface in Java. MATLAB interoperates with Java flawlessly and it is much easier to do GUI things in Java. If you don’t know Java and have the time to start learning, it’s well worth the effort as a general-purpose programming language that’s everywhere and an invaluable companion to MATLAB.



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