Remove namespaces from Xpath expression

I need a way to remove namespaces from an XPath expression, for example if it goes something like this:



he should become



Namespaces can be different in XPath (ns1, ns2 in the above example) and can be applied at the beginning of the Xpath, for example



Regex? Any ideas?



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The regex matches the namespace format:




For the ancestor part, you can use the updated regex:



So the final solution is doing this: it looks for the previously declared structure with the entire alphanumeric + underscore character, followed by the ':' character, not followed by the second: character. Hope this helps.



Don't know the format of the xpath names, but the xml spec seems fuzzy to me about using colons as a namespace separator and a valid name character that should be accepted by processors. Although colons should only be used as a namespace separator.

So minus the confirmation of the unicode encoding is

To match the last colon:


To match the first colon:




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