XAMPP and cURL not working after php.ini terminated

Someone else with the same problem still didn't get a decent answer / fix for my problem:

Before commenting or criticizing, please make sure you read my steps below so as not to repeat what I have seen 100 times on Google and Stack Overflow ...

  • XAMPP (Lite) installed on Windows 7 in C:\xampplite

    (newest version, only one php.ini

    file in C:\xampplite\php

  • XAMPP and PHP scripts work correctly in http://localhost/

  • libcurl is installed (XAMPP by default) to C:\xampplite\php\ext\php_curl.dll

  • php.ini

    edited and saved for deletion ;

    at the beginning of the lineextension=php_curl.dll

  • php.ini

    default for extension_dir = "C:\xampplite\php\ext"

    correct and left alone
  • Apache service has been restarted in Windows Services.
  • Computer rebooted
  • Apache service (manually) rebooted again
  • phpinfo();

    still displays nothing with the word "curl" in it
  • Still no success

Thanks in advance.


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Check it out: http://www.kanersan.com/blog.php?blogId=45 I had a similar problem except for the error messages. Searching all over the internet and all I found was "modify php.ini file". I changed all php.ini files, but I was still getting the same error. It turns out WAMP has visual settings which I believe overwrite php.ini. To enable curl, you left a click on the XAMPP icon in your start menu> PHP> PHP Settings> php_curl (make sure it is checked).

This may be your problem.

Hope it helps.




I had the same problem but couldn't find a solution online.

Every site I've seen said to uncomment "extension = php_curl.dll" which didn't fix the problem.

I finally solved it by adding the curl.dll path to a variable.

That is, I changed: extension = php_curl.dll to: extension = "F: /WebServer/PHP/ext/php_curl.dll"

Hope this helps you or someone else.



Reload the PHP server.



Try a curl



with administrator rights.



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