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How do I create an always existing sidebar in a Chrome browser extension? Do I need to inject something into every page the user views? It seems strange because it will disappear every time the user navigates to a new page. Also, I will worry about my code and HTML getting in the way of the page, and I can't check every page on the web to make sure it works everywhere.

It looks like there was an API for this that was just removed ? Is this feature dead for good or are there plans to bring it back?


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You need to inject HTML into every page. There was an experimental sidebar API for a while, but it was never developed to claim that the Chromium team was happy. They still keep the problem open, but it is not currently being developed. You must show the problem if you want to receive updates on it.


The feature has been removed and there is no further development in it.

Quote from the site :

We will not continue this feature request. We acknowledge that there are a significant number of you who will be disappointed with this decision, as evidenced by the many stars on the matter. We discussed it extensively, both within the team and with community members. In the end, we decided that the WontFix resolution was more in line with the simplicity of Chrome.



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