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A week ago I watched a Robert K. Martin presentation on architecture:

I don't understand the diagram you might have seen at 0:24:46. I tried to implement it, but some how I can not. Why are there 2 borders? Why delivery fur. implements Boundry? I am confused, can someone explain this to me?


EDIT: ok i found the answer


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The boundaries will be represented by interfaces in .NET. What it shows is an interactor that can expose multiple interfaces. There can be only one of them, there can be more than 2. The number will be indicated in the appendix and what the interactor revealed. Boundaries serve as a method for getting data to and from the interactor. The boundary will be a set of methods called by an interaction or display layer.



You can have a boundary that represents a communication channel through which a web application (such as a Rails controller) can deal with an interactor to handle the business logic for a web request. You can have a boundary representing a data repository that the ORM can use to interact with the interactor to retrieve data from the database and map the query result to attributes for the object. You can have a boundary that represents the mailer gateway that the communicator interacts with to initiate mailing. The mailer, ORM, and web application all live on the other side of the border and interact with the application largely across borders.



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