Xampp configuration in windows 2008 r2 server ec2 instance

I am trying to set up a site using xampp. I successfully connected to the instance via remote desktop and installed xampp and python (needed for my php script). I am now trying to find a way to connect to the localhost instance through a browser on my local machine with the private and elastic IPs provided, but have failed to try so far. I would like to configure this with a static IP or domain name (I assume this is an elastic or private IP?) because my site will be used for http requests.


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  • Have you allowed port 80/443 in your security group?
  • Have you started the xampp server?
  • when login via remote desktop can you open 'http: // localhost' in remote browser?

  • your elastic IP address, accessible from public

  • private IP is an address accessible from the availability zone



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