How can I search for a string in memory when debugging?

I am trying to find a string in memory of a program that I am debugging with visual studio 2010. I am trying to use the Immediate Window for this, but whenever I try (.SA 0x400000 0x400200 "MyString") It gives me the error "CXX0014: Error: missing operand "and I'm not sure why he did it or how to fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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If I understood correctly, you are looking for a value string

(let's say some runtime) among all the values ​​available in your program at run time. If so, I do not think it is possible, not what I know from Visual Studio

. There is always a solution for this hacking

, such as the memory of the dump process, reading the assembly, but even there you may encounter problems if (just an example) program (at the moment I believe it was not written by you) values ​​in SecureString


If this is not your intention, please clarify.



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