How do I clear the thread in an EntityManager instance of a doctrine shared between different services in symfony2?

I have defined several services in symfony 2 that save changes to the database. These services have a doctrine instance as one of their dependencies:

    class: Acme\TestBundle\Service\AGivenService
    arguments: [@doctrine]


If I have two different services and they persist entities via the EntityManager that are derived from a doctrine instance:

$em = $doctrine->getEntityManager();


Will all services always have the same EntityManager? If so, how do I handle flushing if I want to handle all changes in one transaction? I have checked this: and explains how to handle different transactions in the request, but then, what i want to achieve is having different changes to different services being handled as one transaction.

Is there a better approach for handling multiple changes across different services?

For now, it's best to have a front service responsible for calling other services and then cleaning up. Backend services will persist, but will not do flushes.


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The docs you provided are exactly what you want:

  $service1 = $this->get('myservice1');

  $service2 = $this->get('myservice2');

catch(\Exception $e){


If your $ em is the same as the one in your container i.e. you are only using one entity manager, now you can hide inside your services and roll back if an error occurs.



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