Why JBoss DefaultDS is required

While I was deploying my application to JBoss5.1.0.GA, I removed hsqldb-ds from the deployment folder and I had a specific ds file of the application, after which I ran into problems like this.

  • SLSBs are not registered in the global JNDI

  • EJBTimerService not deployed, etc.

So, is this a must for storing hsqldb-ds? What utilities in JBoss use the DefaultDS? Can I configure these utilities / services to use a different data source?

You need your advice and knowledge, thanks in advance


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Things like EJBTimerService use the database and out of the box, which is hsqldb-ds. You can replace this with a different datasource with the same name (i.e. also named DefaultDS

) configured for a different datasource like Oracle / MySQL / etc.

You can find the components it uses DefaultDS

by running the following command from your server folder:

grep DefaultDS -R *




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