Redistributing an RTSP Stream Using Windows Media Services

We have an IP camera that transmits RTSP. It cannot accept many connections, so I set up Windows Media services on one of our servers, hoping that I could use that as a stream access point.

Is it possible somehow to set the RTSP stream as the source of the media services stream? From what I've gathered, Media Services doesn't support this (see picture), but there should be workarounds. I tried to translate it to http using VLC, trying to capture an HTTP stream on localhost, but VLC seems to crash when it captures an RTSP stream. I am on Server 2008 R2 (64 bit). Running VLC on our workstations and capturing the camera stream does not crash (XP, 32 bit).

Any ideas how I can get this to work?


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So, I am afraid that I will have to answer myself. I ended up creating an MMS: // stream using VLC player. VLC captures RTSP, forming a camera, and re-posts as MMS. Then I grab the MMS using the silverlight app on the web server and host it there.

I ended up turning off the media services again.



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