Moving controls to container in VS2010

I have a winform with some controls, mainly buttons and text boxes.

Now I need to move these controls to the splitcontainer, how can I do this in Visual Studio 2010. I tried cut and paste and it seemed to work fine, but the whole event was canceled.

Do I need to start from scratch?


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You can select them and drag them to the container. I know that when using Copy and Paste, no events are assigned - all you have to do is reassign them. They must remain assigned when dragging controls onto the container.

You can verify that the controls are actually assigned to the container by moving the container and making sure all controls move with it.



Another way to control this is to include the document outline for the form. This can be found in View -> Other Windows -> Document Outline .

Using this you can just drag and drop. This is a useful tool if the split container panel is too small or off.



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