Create array of real C ++ objects

I want to create an array to store real objects, not pointers to objects in C ++?

Can someone please explain how should I do this? it's better to use vectors or just like this:

Student s [10];



Student s [10][];



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Student s [10];


Creates an array of 10 Student


I think it is Student s [10][];


But with C ++ I would not use arrays of C types, it is better to use classes like std::vector

C ++ 0x std::array

or which may not be available with non-modern standard libraries / compilers.

Example for the above using std::vector

#include <vector>


std::vector<Student> students(10);


And with std::array


#include <array>


std::array<Student, 10> students;




Don't use arrays. C arrays are not C ++. Use instead std::vector

, which is the C ++ way to do this.



I would suggest using std :: vector if you want your array to be persistent, otherwise just use student-to-student [10]; for 10 objects.



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