Set text alignment to center in Excel document using OpenXML with C #

I have a document that my page creates and I need to align the text of certain columns in the center. I opened the document after manually placing the columns in the OpenXML SDK, but the reflected code did not achieve the desired result.

This is how I set the custom widths of these columns, and I would like to add to this function (method, whatevs) the ability to center the text:

private static Column CreateColumnData(UInt32 StartColumnIndex, UInt32 EndColumnIndex, double ColumnWidth)
        Column column;
        column = new Column();
        column.Min = StartColumnIndex;
        column.Max = EndColumnIndex;
        column.Width = ColumnWidth;
        column.CustomWidth = true;
        //the SDK says to add this next line to center the text but it doesn't work
        column.Style = (UInt32Value)6U;

        return column;


I'm open to another way, but I think the solution should be very simple, I just can't get it. If anyone can help, that would be great.

NOTE. Please be aware that I am using OpenXML and not using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel


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I think the problem is that you are trying to create a column when it is individual cells that need to be formatted to use a specific horizontal alignment. p>

I looked around and found the following MSDN documentation:

I also found some sample code here (although I haven't tested it myself):

I use Interop most of the time on my own and know that I was creating cells, not columns or rows, when I wrote my tables.

You should be able to create one style and just apply it to the cells as you create them.



The following approach works fine for me

//using OfficeOpenXml;
//using OfficeOpenXml.Style;

workSheet.Cells[rowIndex, 22].Style.HorizontalAlignment = ExcelHorizontalAlignment.Right;





you can try this to have a merged cell, edit height and columns and align horizontally and vertically center

 var worksheet = wb.Worksheets.Add("Overzicht");

            //  Adding text
            worksheet.Cell("B2").Value = "Overzicht activiteit";
             var rngMainTitle = worksheet.Range("B2:E3");

             //Merge title cells
            worksheet.Column(2).Width = 31;
            worksheet.Column(3).Width = 18;
            worksheet.Column(4).Width = 18;
            worksheet.Column(5).Width = 18;
            worksheet.Row(2).Height = 25;





workSheet_range.HorizontalAlignment =




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