Link MSCRM Sitemap to .htm page. How do I pass parameters?

I have a sitemap link that opens a .htm web resource page. Everything works fine except that I want to pass some values ​​to this page. I assumed I could pass them as a querystring since there is an Xrm.Page.context.getQueryStringParameters () method, but my query looks like it is stripped.

<SubArea Icon="$webresource:my_webresourceicon.gif"Id="nav_my_webresourceid" Url="$webresource:my_webresourcepage.htm?xyz=123" Client="All" AvailableOffline="false" Title="My Web Resource Page" Description="My Web resource Description" Sku="All" PassParams="true"/>


I want to be able to access the xyz parameter from my_webresourcepage.htm on page load. What is the best way to convey this value?



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Unfortunately, you cannot transfer xyz unless you change the registry. Instead, you want to use the data parameter.



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