Java Apache call StringUtils.join () from Groovy

I am trying to call Apache Commons StringUtils.join () method from Groovy class. I want to concatenate 3 lines ( part1

, part2

and part3


Why doesn't it work?

def path = StringUtils.join([part1, part2, part3]) //1


But the following line works:

def path = StringUtils.join([part1, part2, part3] as String[]) //2


Next question. Why does it work? I am using StringUtils v 2.6 so it doesn't have a varargs method. Groovy always converts method parameters to array?

def path = StringUtils.join(part1, part2, part3)  //3


It's mostly a matter of curiosity. I am not going to use StringUtils because I posted a separate question yesterday and found a better solution. However, I would still like to understand why technique # 1 doesn't work, but # 3 works.


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So, to show what's going on, write a script and show us what we get:

@Grab( 'commons-lang:commons-lang:2.6' )
import org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils

def (part1,part2,part3) = [ 'one', 'two', 'three' ]

def path = StringUtils.join( [ part1, part2, part3 ] )
println "1) $path"

path = StringUtils.join( [ part1, part2, part3 ] as String[] )
println "2) $path"

path = StringUtils.join( part1, part2, part3 )
println "3) $path"



1) [one, two, three]
2) onetwothree
3) onetwothree


Basically, only one of your method calls that matches the signature in the StringUtils class 2)

, as it matches the method definition Object[]

. For the other two, Groovy chooses the best match it can find for your method invocation.

For 1)

and 3)

he does the same. Wrapping parameters like Object[]

calling the same method as2)

For 3)

this is fine, since you get Object[]

with 3 elements, but for 1)

you get Object[]

with one element; yours List


The way to make it work with the List parameter would be using the spread operator like so:

path = StringUtils.join( *[ part1, part2, part3 ] )
println "4) $path"


What to print then:

4) onetwothree


As expected (it would put all the elements of the list as separate parameters and then put them in Object[]

with three elements like in the example3)



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