Saving CSS while dynamically creating checkboxes with jQuery / JQM

I have some code that takes values ​​from a database and uses them to dynamically create a set of checkboxes:

$("#cTable").append('<fieldset data-role="controlgroup"> <legend>Option</legend>');

cDest = "includes/loadCategories.php"; 

$.getJSON(cDest, function(data) {
    cInfo = data.items;
    $.each(cInfo, function(index, info) {

        $("#cTable").append('<input type="checkbox" name="cat" id="cat_' + info.S_ID + ' class="ui-checkbox" value="' + info.S_ID + '" /><label for="chkCat_' + info.S_ID + '">' + info.S_Name + '</label> </br>');


The problem is that these newly created checkboxes do not accept the jQuery Mobile CSS styling. Is there a way to assign JQM css to this dynamically generated element?

I was thinking about using the JQuery.CSS () function, but since I really don't know what CSS is needed (since it's part of JQM by default), I don't think I can use this method.



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You need to update your jQM controls:






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