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I have two actions that have been approved by Facebook, but the action is not working for users, here is the error:

An error occured Type: OAuthException Message: (# 100) Action type video: The clock is not approved, so the XXXXXXX app can only be published by administrators, developers, and app testers. User XXXXXXXX is not one of these roles.

in the auth dialog settings i get this error:

Please note that the "publish_actions" permission will only be visible to the developers and testers of your application until your actions are approved. En savoir plus

My two actions are approved.

Only admins or testers can post any action, do you know why?

Thank you very much for your help:)

(Sorry for my poor English, I'm French).



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Subscribe to the following bug and add a repo to bring attention to Facebook QA:

I think this is a mistake. We can publish our actions without any problem from Europe, Asia and the US East Coast. Although we have the same problem you mentioned if we try to post from the US West Coast. We are using the JS SDK for publishing, so why Geo Location matters.



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