Always install to "Program Files" (also on x64)?

I am using the default Visual Studio setup project to create an installer for my application.
The application is built as "Any processor" and runs as a 64-bit process on x64 systems, but the installer always uses "Program Files (x86)" as the default directory.

Can I always use "Program Files" as the default so it's in the correct folder on x64 OS?


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Only 64-bit packages can use program files on a 64-bit machine.

For Visual Studio installation projects, the only solution is to use separate 32-bit and 64-bit packages. 32-bit package for 32-bit systems and 64-bit package for 64-bit systems.

Some commercial customization development tools (such as Advanced Installer or InstallShield) allow you to create mixed 32/64-bit packages that automatically adapt to the target platform (32-bit or 64-bit).

But do you really need a 64-bit package ?



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