Static caching for PHP (Apache)?

I am installing a web app based on pre-build php for a client. Unfortunately, the application is very slow because it compiles a lot of data. The page load time increases to 40 seconds.

I know about ob_caching, but I don't want to mess with the application unless absolutely necessary.

Are there any apache tools / scripts / modules to cache all application output statically on the server and update it on a regular basis. I'm just looking for middleware or something that creates regular static html pages from a php application. (By the way: I tried eaccelerator, but it didn't improve the situation.)

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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eAccelerator was supposed to measure the difference, so are you sure it was installed correctly? You should see the eaccelerator section in phpinfo () showing that the cache has been full. Perhaps you also have a cache that is too small, etc. Try APC instead . If none of these show a performance improvement, there may be a server issue.

Either way, 40 seconds is insanely slow for anything. Are you sure this is PHP and not optimized SQL queries?



It looks like this should do the trick (but YMMV, depending on your application):



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