"close all" equivalent for HeatMap charts

If you're creating a bunch of heatmaps:

for i=1:10


then you are left with a bunch of open shape windows. Although they are not really "windows", they are "HeatMap windows" (tangential question: why ???).

If you have a bunch of normal shapes, you can close them by typing close all

. But that does nothing for HeatMap windows. So ... what's the alternative?


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You can close shapes with hidden handles (I believe this is the case for the HeatMap) with

close all hidden


You can also force close all shapes with

close all force


See CLOSE for details .



They are objects . I would advise the following: store the links in advance.

H = {};
for i=1:10
    H{i} = HeatMap(rand(5,5))
%Now delete all!




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