Testing if your web browser supports SPDY

Is there a site that will test if your browser supports SPDY and is tuned for optimal performance?

If not, perhaps we should create one?


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There was a site called http://spdytest.com/ but is currently unavailable due to service.

Supported browser is currently listed on wikipedia

Alternatively you can visit https://www.modspdy.com/ and have a look at the debug tool on how the files are loaded. I would post example images for both cases, but I don't have enough reputation points :-)



The SPDY indicator is a Chrome Plugin that shows a green volume icon for sites that have SPDY enabled. Alternatively, you can also go to chrome: // net-internals / # spdy live SPDY sessions.

It is not possible for a site or plugin to tell if a site is optimized for SPDY because there are so many factors that determine a site's performance (page load time). Here are some important factors that can be critical in adapting an object to SPDY

  • Distribution of traffic between the SPDY browser and the browser that does not support SPDY. There are some techniques, such as cloning a domain, which is useful for improving performance with HTTP 1.0, but can hurt website performance with SPDY. Since the server decides how many shards to use for the domain without knowing if the client supports SPDY, it becomes difficult to select the correct number of mirrors.
  • SPDY supports server push, which means the servers must now intelligently decide which resources to push. The site inspector or browser plugin has little or no knowledge of the interdependencies or relevance between resources. Therefore, it is very difficult to come up with an optimal combination.

In short, the performance of a site depends on several factors, and there are many combinations for these factors. To offer an optimized combination for a site, the tool / plugin needs to be able to rate these zillion combinations.



You can try this site ( https://spdy.centminmod.com/flags.html ) which is an SPDY demo site displaying hundreds of country flags on the same page.

It provides comparison videos to see how they load for SPDY and non-SPDY browsers.



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