How to list all objects of a specific type in VS2010 solution?

I am using Visual Studio 2010 and working in a large C # solution. I want to get a list of all enums in a solution. I can do it? The object browser doesn't seem to allow me to filter on certain types of objects. (Also curious how I get a list of all classes, interfaces, methods, etc.)


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If you need to find enum

in general, I think your best bet is Find with Look In: ​​= "Whole Solution" (keyboard shortcut Shift + Ctrl + F). Expand the Find Parameters check box. Use: and select "Regular Expressions" from the dropdown list. And Find: = "(public | private | internal) enum".



From Visual Studio

VIEW-> CLASS VIEW, after filter, like from image Class View Window

select only "Show basic types only", and in search text box

enter "enum".

If I want to be in Italian Visual Studio

so the menu items I translated into English I could be in the English version, this name is not exactly the same, but I hope this gives you a hint.



Not sure if you are looking for this, but you can view your project's class diagram by right clicking.



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