Corrupt MySQL table - "Cannot find file" error; Any way to recover missing .myd and .myi files?

I am MySQL newbe and I am trying to fix a corrupted table in one of my databases. This is a simple IPS forum that is currently online. Earlier today I tried to execute mysqldump

and got this error:

mysqldump: Got error: 1017: Can't find file: 'wcsf_profile_portal_views' (errno: 2) when using LOCK TABLES


So I went to see what happened. One of the tables seems to be corrupted. I tried using repair, but I get the same error:

mysql> REPAIR TABLE wcsf_profile_portal_views;
| Table                                         | Op     | Msg_type | Msg_text                                                |
| wecreate_finalforum.wcsf_profile_portal_views | repair | Error    | Can't find file: 'wcsf_profile_portal_views' (errno: 2) |
| wecreate_finalforum.wcsf_profile_portal_views | repair | status   | Operation failed                                        |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)


I went over it and tried several suggestions here

But not yet succeed with mysqlcheck

or myisamchk


It is important to note that I am using MyISAM. I checked the database folder and it turned out that there were two files missing: wcsf_profile_portal_views.MYD and wcsf_profile_portal_views.MYI . However, the wcsf_profile_portal_views.frm file does exist. Accordingly, I tried REPAIR TABLE wcsf_profile_portal_views USE_FRM;

it but got it Can't open table


I could not find the reason for the corruption yet. Any suggestions?

Edit: Undesirable, I tried to restore the table through old backups. No dice - apparently it was damaged for a while and this database was not even copied because it kept failing. I never noticed. FML. This is what you get for using WHM! Fortunately for me, this is not an important table. I believe this is part of the Invision Powered platforms. I did a local install and copied the table back to the live DB, repaired and it seems to work now - I can mysqldump

successfully, and now I think the backups will now work.

I would not answer this question because I did not quite fix it (data was lost) and I did not find what caused the corruption. Perhaps this is an IPB related issue.


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.MYD files contain underlying data in a table, .MYI files are indexes in a table. If you have lost your data, I don't see how you can recover other than from a backup.



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