Change appengine console color to red in eclipse

the appengine console for local development logs is an eye pain red (like a bunch of bugs !!!) by default. How can I change this to standard black for normal log and red for error? If I right click on the console and go to preference the setting is correct: standard black and red.

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The DevAppServer output is sent to stderr, so you need to change the error color to black.



Note one year later: I no longer use 'java.util.logging'. I had a strange error when my thread stopped in the "log ()" method. It was probably a dead castle. I switched to "Log4j".

To have errors written in red and information in black in the eclipse console, you can create your own ConsoleHandler:

public class MyConsoleHandler extends StreamHandler {           
    private java.util.logging.Formatter formatter = new SimpleFormatter();
     public void publish(LogRecord record){      
         if(record.getLevel().intValue() < Level.WARNING.intValue())


and use it with:

java.util.logging.Logger.getLogger("").addHandler(new MyConsoleHandler())




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