Open upgrade window after completing upgrade with Ankhsvn

I know there is already a post about this question , but I'm wondering if there is a solution or workaround to fix this issue.

Every time I update the source the Ankhsvn window is displayed, but I like to see which files were updated, but if the window is closed after the process, the only other solution I have is to show the log of my turtle svn project in explorer Windows.

Another solution would be to update turtle svn instead of ankhsvn, but I prefer to stay in visual studio.

I can also use VisualSvn which is closely related to tortoisesvn, but I prefer using Ankhsvn.

Anyone have a solution or workaround?



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Look in the "output window" and select AnkhSVN. It also records the same output as in the dialog box.



To clarify Sander Rijken's answer, select the "Show output from" drop-down menu in the output window. It's at the top.



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