Is there a way to use devenv.exe on the command line for a project only and not a complete project?

Is there a way to use devenv.exe on the command line to build a reference-only project and not a complete build of the project?

devenv.exe /?

provides the commands below, none of which can only reference the project and not the complete project.

/ Build / Clean / Command / Deployment / Edit / LCID / Log / NoVSIP / Out / Project / ProjectConfig / Rebuild / ResetAddin / ResetSettings / ResetSkipPkgs / Run / RunExit / SafeMode / Upgrade

I'm interested in this because the /LTCG:PGOPTIMIZE

profile-based optimization phase entails recank without recompilation.


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I found that vcbuild.exe can be used to execute a link only using the / forcelink option:

vcbuild.exe PgoProject.vcproj "ReleasePGOptimize|x64" /forcelink


link.exe will also work, albeit with great difficulty in using the arguments correctly, because link.exe does not accept a .vcproj file containing linker flags, whereas vcbuild.exe does.



You can just call link.exe

(linker) with appropriate parameters. No need to include devenv.exe




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