The right choice between node.js and ape server

I'm at a stage where I need to decide between two

  • Node.js
  • Ape Server

I heard great opinions of everyone, but I confused myself a little. Do I need to do a lot of things in real time for this to be a good option? I hear node.js with is great and monkey has many interesting demos on their website.

I will also need to create a BigPipe system for a quick interface like facebook. So what will be good? I am really confused and I don't see an advantage over the other, so I would like some advice here.

And for node.js to work with mysql I need to have additional drivers and stuff, so yes. Advise with gratitude!


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One of the important things about deciding on a new technology is the availability of support for that technology. If this is the biggest, most elegant technology in the world, but there is only one guy who knows how to use it, then you probably shouldn't go with this technology.

So there are over 7000 node.js questions tagged on stackoverflow and only 48 questions tagged by monkey. Now, the APE developers may have a community of their own, but that still indicates that the user pool isn't large enough to reliably get help when you need it. Only this could tilt strongly to node.JS and Socket.IO.

Here's another question about the same: Ajax Push Engine (APE) Vs node.js



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