How can I fix the http channel issue with Yesod 10.2?

I have the following problem when running yesod devel

into my application .

It starts fine (compilation finishes), but errors when executing preprocessor executables:

Resolving dependencies ... Configuring WebToKindle-0.0.0 ... Restoring the application ... Forcing recompilation for. /Model.hs due to configuration / models Forcing recompilation for. /Foundation.hs due to config / routes Forcing to recompile. /Foundation.hs due to messages /en.msg Forcing recompilation for. /Foundation.hs because of templates / default -layout-wrapper.hamlet Forcing recompilation for. /Foundation.hs due to templates / default -layout.hamlet Forcing to recompile. /Handler/Root.hs due to templates /homepage.hamlet WebToKindle-0.0.0 preprocessing library ... WebToKindle-0.0.0 executable preprocessing ... WebToKindle-0.0.0 creation ...

Application.hs: 22: 8: Could not find module ' Network.HTTP.Conduit': It is a member of the hidden package

http-conduit-1.2.6'. You may need to add `http-conduit 'depending on your assembly in your .cabal file. Use -v to list the files you are looking for. Build failed, suspended ...

Launching cabal install

my application works fine and I can launch it and navigate to the start page in the browser.

Therefore, this problem only occurs with the tool devel


I tried unregistering the associated packages and reinstalling them together to help the cabal figure out the dependencies.

cabal install yesod yesod-auth authenticate http-conduit

Unfortunately, it didn't change anything.

Since I would like to take advantage of the "instant gratification", I appreciate any help with this.


After messing around with things for a while and with monadic help to zero out the source of the problems, I realized that the problem was that I changed the cabal version inside my cabal file to 1.8. I changed it to 1.6 and everything works fine now.


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[Warning: My advice has nothing to do with Yesod, since I don't use it. It might not be right]

This error does not indicate a missing package in terms of installation. You have access to the dependencies listed in your cabal file, not the entire package list. You need to add http-conduit

to your dependencies (preferably with the correct version constraints)



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