Music Points API for Android and IOS?

I'm looking for an API that will generate music scores from a MIDI file. I tried to search, but I could not find it.

I am trying to create an IOS and Android app that will display musical notes from a piano / organ or midi file.

If you have any suggestions please let me know that they are greatly appreciated.



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Wow, not all of us. There are no good objective-c midi libraries (generation or reading) that I have come across, and the music XML examples are all in C ++. However, there are TONS c and C ++ libraries that work with MIDI. For portability, I recommend middl:


Although I have no experience with java, I've heard the jFugue library come out as an answer to every midi and java related question, so here it is:


There are two sets of C ++ music score set libraries that work like vector graphics libraries, but Lilypad is much larger and more complete than Belle-Bonne-Sage:





Rendering musical scores is a very hard business. Once you have your notes extracted from MIDI, you probably want to use Vexflow to render to HTML5 via Canvas / SVG. It doesn't handle all musical notations (like triplets), but it does a good job with simple output. There are several options for capturing notes from a MIDI file. My team is building a Python-based music notation toolkit called music21 that includes a parser for MIDI and output to Vexflow. On iOS, you will need to copy the music21 MIDI file to Vexflow yourself.



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