Rails - dynamically setting time_zone of user choice

I thank your help for one of the features that work on my new site!

This refers to dynamic time_zones according to the requirement that the user could choose from a set of predefined time_zones that say us_zones. When a user selects a zone, the entire site must be installed / updated to TimeZone.

However, at this time, the new time zone is not updated in Apache, and the time zone is only updated when the server is restarted.

I was thinking about how to use the Rails Initializer and initialize_time_zone () methods, but even this requires restarting the rails server.

Thanks in advance!


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Put something like this in your application controller:

def set_api_time_zone
  utc_offset = current_user_session && current_user_session.user ? current_user_session.user.time_zone_offset.to_i.minutes : 0
  user_timezone = ActiveSupport::TimeZone[utc_offset]
  Time.zone = user_timezone if user_timezone




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