How can I hide the TinyMCE outline if the field is inactive?


  • in enter show TinyMCE controll bar
  • c open the hidden TinyMCE control panel

Would I do it with blur / focus? What do I need to do to show and hide the tinymce control panel?


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To work with the tinymce initialization configuration, the following configuration parameter must be set: (jQuery js library).

setup : function(ed) {

    ed.onInit.add(function(ed, event) {
        $(ed.getBody()).blur(function() {
          $('#' + + '_tbl '+'.mceToolbar').hide();

        $(ed.getBody()).focus(function() {
          $('#' + + '_tbl '+'.mceToolbar').show();





If it just hides the toolbar, there is a plugin, I think with the latest Tinymce we have an option. Will this work?



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