Good C ++ library for HTTPS connection? The certificate is signed by an authorized certificate

I have 2 questions:

Q1: Does anyone know of a good C ++ library for making requests to an HTTPS server?

Please note that the SSL certificate on the server will be provided by an authorized certificate such as VeriSign.

Q2: So, can I embed a CA root certificate in my C ++ application so that it is automatically used by the library? I don't want the user to manually add it to their operating system.

Thanks for your advice.


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both will be able to use openssl. You can use it in the CA certificates provided by your application. I don't think it's easy to use inline resources



I think libcurl is one of the better known networking libraries. In my experience written in C (with the whole wheel reinventing it, what it does) it has crashed at times and hasn't had better APIs. However, it is used in tons of places, is relatively easy to deal with, and supports just about anything you will ever need.



ON WIndows. There is a small library, or rather a small set of C ++ headrs:



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