How do I reduce the compression ratio on the cover?

I don't know if this is the right place, but I don't know where else to ask him.

When we upload an image as a cover image for our facebook page, the quality is terrible. This only happens when there are illustrations in it. When the picture is complete, everything is perfect.

So my question is, is there anything you can do to reduce the compression ratio on facebook, or is it all up to them? For example, are there any save options in photoshop that are good for quality (on facebook)?


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Try downloading a version of the cover that is less than 100kb. Do this by lowering the jpeg quality while saving from Photoshop. In my case, I had a 158kb image that facebook compressed to 38kb. The 98kb version remained untouched by fb ...



The currently displayed resolution of the Facebook Timeline cover (for both people and brands) is 851x315 pixels.

I suggest you create your cover with this permission.

Read more here: What is the resolution of the Timeline cover?



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