C ++ library for collecting image data and analyzing temporal pixels

I am working on a project to monitor whether human tissue has been fused with radio frequency during surgery or not, so we use a very fast camera (1800 frames per second), as well as laser light on tissue and a scaffold (1 GB memory).

We currently have C based software that only receives data from the grabber and transmits it to the PC, also displays images on the screen, but I need to add an algorithm to grab all frames from the framegrabber and analyze them with a mask, and calculate contrast deviation of temporary images in real time.

I think there should be a structure in there to help me in parsing images in C ++. What do you suggest? Would reap be the best option for me to make processing as fast as possible in real time? OpenCV? OpenGL? GLPlus?


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OpenCV Is your buddy for the tasks you want to achieve. It mainly supports many image processing functions, supports video reading via FFMPEG, and has camera capture options. With OpenCV on TBB and GPU enabled primitives, you can definitely leverage the power of the GPU for the sake of speed. Plus tons of community contributions are readily available as OpenCV is slowly but surely becoming the MUST knowing tool for image analysis experts / developers.

You can go for OpenGL. But it is suitable for 3D graphics projects not only for video / image / frame processing.



to answer your question I think you should look into OpenCV and ITK, the second of which is somehow more popular in the medical imaging community.

That being said, what kind of processing do you intend to do? In these frames, you can do simple things. I know that some frame grabers can preprocess images for you and that may be enough for your application. IMO GPU is out of the question due to data transfer and the ease of your calculations



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