Ios when remote nofication is received while on 3G (not wifi)

The newsstand frame will only handle orders if you're on Wi-Fi, but it's not very clear what's going on on a 3G cellular network. Here's the script:

My app runs in the background when it receives a remote notification that new content is available and is not connected to Wi-Fi at the time.

I am creating a new NKIssue and NKAssetDownload for this problem (zip file containing everything I need for this problem).

I'm calling [asset downloadWithDelegate:self];

From what I can tell the asset is not loading - even when I connect to wifi later the asset is never loaded and if I request downloadingAssets

from NKIssue it is an empty array.

So there seems to be no way to get the asset object back to start uploading again (assuming now on Wi-Fi).

I could keep a separate reference to the object object around to restart its download, or create a new NKAssetDownload object (where was the existing one?) Or I could check if I have 3G / wifi enabled when the remote notification comes in and forks in my code accordingly or something- something else (?), but I feel like I'm missing something. The documentation also looks incomplete.

Has anyone found a good way to handle this?


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