Can I use SimpleXML for Android in commercial applications?

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Can I use SimpleXML for Android in commercial applications? This is the site:

I check the documentation, but my English skills are not very good. I didn't understand what I have to do to use SimpleXML in commercial applications

Should I put text in "This application used SimpleXML" in some part of the application? can it be avoided? This is a commercial application for a client, I need to avoid placing such text in the application. I can put "This application used SimpleXML" on my developer website from the information about this application, but not in the application, is it safe and legal to do this like that?

What limitations should I complain about using this library in a commercial application?



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I just read the SimpleXML license details and can confirm that yes, you can use the library in a commercial application.

You don't need to include a message in your app indicating that you are using this library, but there are a few things you need to do to get the license running:

  • If you include source code in your project, you need to keep all comments in that source code, including the one related to the license

  • If you are giving your client a document with a complete application describing the application, then that document should contain a note indicating that you are using SimpleXML. If you do not provide such a document to your client, you need to include a comment in the source code indicating that you are using this library and include link / attribution.

Besides, you can use it as you will.



Yes, you can use XML, no problem.



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