How to use jobs at Hive with Azkaban?

I would like to use Azkaban for periodic jobs on Hive, I looked at the Azkaban documentation and it looks like it does not support Hive jobs by default, you know how I can use these two together?

I think I will have to run the job in Hive as a "teamwork" available in Azkaban, but maybe someone did it. I have been using Oosi for a while, but it didn't suit my needs.



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We don't have an easy way now. You can of course hack HiveCliDriver and do it from there, but this is suboptimal ... Alternatively, just run it as a command line job. We use a different system at LI. I hope to add this ability pretty quickly, but I'm not sure when I will have the opportunity.



As of Azkaban 2.1, Hive jobs are supported. See the documentation for details.



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