Can't select text in text boxes in IE9

I have a C # MVC web application that has text fields that in IE9 can be entered into text, but you cannot select them with the mouse or with the shift and arrow keys.

I went through the website and I found other people are experiencing this, with no solution.

One site I found claimed to be an IE9 issue on pages that make multiple AJAX calls my site has, but removing the AJAX is really not a solution.

Is there a way, through code or through settings in IE9, so that users can select text in a text box? Or is this a prominent bug in IE9?

Edit: The website works fine in chrome.


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It turns out it was a rogue jQuery expression that was

(. SomeClass) .disableSelected ()

which disabled selection in every textbox on my site. The kicker is that IE and Chrome handle it one way, while Firefox is another way to make it look like a different error.



I had the same problem. Select Tools in IE developer tools bar / F12. under the (IE9 Document Mode Standards) tab, check Alt + 9. Closed the developer drawer. Closed IE9 opened it and everything worked as expected. Hope this helps.



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