VBA Images get lost when pasting one word of document in another

I am creating reports which have 4 chapters, an introduction chapter and 3 dynamically generated chapters. The 3 dynamic chapters are produced separately and then inserted after the chapter is introduced and saved as a whole. The three dynamic chapters work fine and look like they should, and apart from the missing images, the combined version looks like it should.

One of the dynamic sections uses the InsertFile method to display 6 images that are saved as RTF files. I cannot change the format of the incoming images, and since they are not technically images, I have to insert them as text. This is not a problem when the chapter is on its own, as they appear the way they should. However, when chapters are combined, these images are lost. I am also merging 4 documents (introduction + 3 dynamic chapters) using the InsertFile method.

So far, I've confirmed that if I manually insert a problematic dynamic chapter into a blank document, it also loses images. Chapters are saved to local disk. I have also confirmed that if I translate the chapter file to a network drive, it seems to import fine (however this is not an option).

Is this problem familiar to everyone?


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Does the account running the application have the required permissions?

I ran into a similar situation with Excel Interop. The fault was the Local Service account , which did not have sufficient permissions. I changed it to work under Local System and the images were saved.



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