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I am working on a web service that will allow Microsoft CRM to create a work item in TFS without using the TFS interface. Everything works smoothly except for one thing.

Is there a way to find out in which TFS project a Contact is working? I can get the contact object from the guide using this line:

Contact contact = context.ContactSet.Where(x => x.Id == guid).FirstOrDefault();


where the context is the actual XrmServiceContext and directs the specified contact to the Guid ...

using the checked out entity, how can I get information about the TFS project in which the contact is running? It could be the name of the project, the object of the project, something really. I'll describe the rest myself, I just need to find the relationship between Project and Contact.


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Unfortunately, this does not make sense as a contact can work on multiple teams.

You did not say in what context this is happening. Perhaps the context can tell you which project to use. For example, if you were recording a customer call in a work item, then you could select a project based on which product line the customer is accessing.



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