What's the difference between facebook post.id and status.id?

I am using graph-api to view facebook user info. When viewing connections, both "messages" and "statuses" are available for the node user.

While walking through the messages, I come across messages like "status" that have slightly different information than the equivalent status message.

In the example below, you can see that it is the same message, but Post Version has ID 100002912416196_212493188857760 and Status Version has ID 212493188857760. Is it "more correct" than the other? Is Facebook in the process of moving from using statuses (and links, etc.) to just using posts (or vice versa)? Any help someone can give would be greatly appreciated.

Here's an example (edited to save space)

when calling https://graph.facebook.com/me/posts

"data": [
  "id": "100002912416196_212493188857760", 
  "from": {
    "name": "Ben Backup", 
    "id": "100002912416196" }, 
  "to": {
    "data": [{
        "name": "Dave Upify", 
        "id": "100001917301370"
      }] }, 
  "message": "With Dave Upify", 
  "type": "status", 
  "created_time": "2012-03-20T20:18:54+0000", 
  "updated_time": "2012-03-20T20:18:54+0000", 
  "comments": {
    "count": 0
  "is_published": true


when calling https://graph.facebook.com/me/statuses

"data": [{
  "id": "212493188857760", 
  "from": {
    "name": "Ben Backup", 
    "id": "100002912416196" }, 
  "message": "With Dave Upify", 
  "place": {
    "id": "126533127390327", 
    "name": "Massachusetts Institute of Technology", 
    "location": {
      "street": "77 Massachusetts Avenue", 
      "city": "Cambridge", 
      "state": "MA", 
      "country": "United States", 
      "zip": "02139", 
      "latitude": 42.359430693405, 
      "longitude": -71.092129185382
  "updated_time": "2012-03-20T20:18:52+0000"



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