How to override / add method_missing while maintaining search functionality?

I want to add some behavior to my model when method_missing

called, but I know that searchlogic is already using this for its named search scopes.

What is the correct way to extend the functionality method_missing

? Is there a way to react to a trigger method_missing

? Much how to bind functions to events in javascript?


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when you say you want something to happen when a method is missing, do you mean every time or only when the search logic hasn't found anything? The first is pretty simple:

def method_missing(name, *)
  if name =~ /foo/i
    # call your custom method
    # or for example define_method
    # you do not want to handle the
    # method, so fall back to standard behavior


Where you replace with a name =~ /foo/i

condition that checks if you want to handle the missing method or not. The latter is not easy. I can’t answer it because I don’t know the search logic, but you will need to check if the search logic was found something or not before calling your own method.



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